Josh Engelking

Josh Engelking

I'm a recent computer science graduate interested in software and mobile application development.

Hi! My name is Josh and I graduated from Northern Illinois University in May of 2017. I am interested in software development, as well as development of mobile applications for Android devices.

My main goals at the moment are to complete a lyric request application, developed in Python, as well as to begin working on developing some JavaScript knowledge in order to develop a forum quote notifications Chrome extension for the site

Outside of coding, my main interest is music. I love spending time recording, experimenting with new sounds, and writing new material. I'm very interested in marrying my love of coding to my love of music and developing tools to help me meet my musical goals, and hopefully others as well.

I'm currently job-hunting! I'd love to be in contact, so don't hesitate to send me a message or email me.


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